The Power of Partnership

The ability to develop, launch, sell and support a software product is rare. Tasked with building the all in one Microsoft D365 EDI solution, ProcessOne partnered with developers that built Microsoft’s software and the rest is history.

A bit about us

The ProcessOne team has a blend of Microsoft software development skills, .NET, Azure, D365 and Microsoft sales and implementation expertise

ProcessOne has developed an EDI solution that truly does automate the supply chain. By maximizing the digital handling of data between business partners, the entire supply chain from end to end is now automated, including manufacturers, warehouses, 3PL’s, distributors and retailers.

ProcessOne 365 provides state of the art, highly automated capabilities to business partners running Microsoft D365 Fin Ops.

ProcessOne is a Microsoft Cloud Partner

35 years of Software Product Development

ProcessOne is a US software company with a NZ development team, initially specializing in software for process manufacturing (food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, metals), but have now expanded into discrete manufacturing and logistics.

Core ProcessOne 365 EDI & B2B is developed by ProcessOne Solutions.

Over 35 years ProcessOne has developed a stellar reputation for developing quality software. This includes 20 years of .NET development.

Driving digital excellence for organizations

Nexxer is a Microsoft cloud partner, with specialist D365 development expertise, their two US principals were seconded to Microsoft to integrate purchased warehouse management software into D365 Finance & Operations.

Nexxer guide companies’ operations through the ever-evolving world. By modernizing and innovating their clients’ supply chain operations through digital transformation, they can improve their futures and the economies they serve, empower their employees, and build a better community.

Nexxer are now a D365 F&O and ProcessOne 365 reseller in North America.

Build agile operating models and drive business process improvements

Whilst was born in 2022, their people have been around the block implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions for a very long time. Optimum are experts in what they do, and have worked with clients large, medium, and small to solve their most complex technology challenges. are now a D365 and ProcessOne 365 reseller in Australia, & NZ.

The ProcessOne 365 Team

Lindsay Rewcastle

CEO – ProcessOne Solutions

Dan Giangiulio

COO – Rangeline Solutions

Carolyn Eames

Director, Sales & Marketing

Calvin Smucker

President – ProcessOne Solutions

Richard Kelsey

ProcessOne 365 Solution Architect

Grant McCarthy

EDI Business Analyst

Mike Sigler

Senior Director – Nexxer

Nevin Ma

ProcessOne 365 Technical Architect

Andrew Doering

Technical Architect – D365

24x7 support for your installation.

Support that covers ProcessOne 365, D365 EDI. .NET, Azure, Ross ERP. Contact our support team with a phone call or an e-mail to