Real World Success Stories

ProcessOne 365 has real world success stories, customers who have used the software to transform their supply chain. All of these customers have two things in common, an end to end integrated supply chain and the ability to grow.

See what our customers are experiencing with ProcessOne 365

  • Automated order processes that eliminate manual errors, making the processes more efficient and delivering shorter lead times.
  • Greater accuracy and visibility, delivering improved service levels. Automating order management and status in real time assures a rapid and secure flow of supply resulting in a lower cost of inventory.
  • Streamlined tracking of product by SSCC-18 serial shipping container codes, labels and ASN’s to identify a logistic unit. These can be any combination of products packaged together for storage or transport purposes, for example: a case, pallet or parcel.
  • Automated data flow between company owned and third-party warehouses
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention as a direct result of guaranteed on-time delivery of goods and services to trading partners
  • Shorter invoicing cycles due to accurate invoicing
  • Human errors are eliminated by utilizing automated error notifications
24 September, 2022

Califia Farms

In the first two years after its brand launch, Califia Farms rapidly emerged as a fixture in the market for almond milk beverages and cold-brew coffee, with the company charging forward on...

24 September, 2022

Campofrio Foods

Phase 1 was a warehouse automation project. ProcessOne was awarded the contract to automate all the transactions between this warehouse and Campofrio’s manufacturing plant.  The Phase 1 go live was in April...

24 September, 2022

Crown Laboratories

As the healthcare system rapidly changes, pharmaceutical distributors and retailers are constantly envisioning new ways to move and secure the nation’s medicines, all while protecting patient safety. To assist these distributors and...